Off-site gaming

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Special attention is given to online tools of self-restraint, self-exclusion and self-monitoring. To access services, the player must set a maximum weekly deposit. The player may also enter a daily, weekly and monthly spending limit that may be changed at any time at will.

Players may temporarily or permanently suspend their game accounts, or be excluded from a single vertical product. Lottomatica, by contractual conditions, reserves the right to suspend the gaming account. The product portals also offer a self-assessment test of approach to gaming, to better understand possible risk habits.

Minors are automatically excluded from gaming by identifying their tax code. The measures and tools for responsible gaming, implemented in, and game portals are:

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    a) access to sites and determining players’ age:

    filling in a registration form with personal data, including tax code and immediate verification of whether the tax code exists, the correspondence of personal data entered, and whether the player is of age;
    mandatory limit, already set in the registration form, of the maximum amount you wish to deposit every week in your gaming account;
    sending ID at registration or within 30 days thereafter; the game account is validated and winnings may be withdrawn and game account recharged, even without identification (eg using prepaid recharge cards), only upon receipt of an identity document and proper controls.

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    b) spending limits:

    1 weekly deposit limit must be indicated and, in the absence of such indication, it is forbidden to play, recharge and make withdrawals from the game account;
    2 daily budget limit is non-mandatory, i.e. the maximum amount in euro that can be played in one day;
    3 monthly budget limit is non-mandatory, i.e. the maximum amount in euro that can be played in one month;
    the amounts referred to in the preceding paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 may be reduced at any time, to take effect immediately, or raised, but in the latter case, the new value will be active after 7 days.

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    c) possibility of self-exclusion from gaming:

    option to abstain from playing for a day, a week, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days;
    option to abstain permanently from gaming, making it impossible to place bets and open a new gaming account for 6 months after the request for permanent self-exclusion;
    option to request, by mail or call center, exclusion from participation in individual vertical gaming (e.g. Poker).

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    d) constant reminders of responsible gaming and "myths" about gaming:

    a series of basic rules are published in the gaming portals for an approach to enjoyable, measured and responsible gaming
    the interactive quiz game portals illustrate cognitive mechanisms that feed widespread "myths" about gaming and debunk the belief that one can influence the outcome of the game to one’s advantage;
    gaming portals have ongoing awareness campaigns on responsible gaming initiated by Lottomatica with trade associations, corporations, research universities etc.;

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    e) identifying excessive and risky gambling behaviors and habits:

    tests on gaming portals to assess one’s approach to gaming;

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    f) support for problem gamblers:

    Free anonymous helpline service accessible all over Italy from fixed and mobile networks; web site to access chat, contact the team of experts via e-mail for information on local services dealing with gambling problems;
    phone-in cognitive-behavioral therapy program, free, anonymous and lasting about 5 months for players who can’t or won’t contact a service.