Monitoring and certifications

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A few years ago, Lottomatica committed to report and communicate, consistently and transparently, implemented activities and results of Responsible Gaming policies. In fact, an independent external agency periodically assesses the entire Responsible Gaming Program, to verify that its commitments and related activities are implemented and obtain certification by European Lotteries and the World Lottery Association, whose standards inspired the Responsible Gaming Program. Particular attention is given to remote game assessment, because as gaming evolves it requires annual monitoring to keep game restraint tools up to date. The certifications recognize commitment to player protection and the promotion of the game as entertainment in the interests of safety and legality. Finally, the main institutional instrument for reporting is the Sustainability Report presented annually to all stakeholders.

Results to date:

    • First certification of the Program in 2009, following the Responsible Gaming Standards of the European Lottery: most recent renewal in December 2018, valid for three years

    • First certification of the Program in 2009 adopted at the highest level (4th) provided in the Responsible Gaming Framework of the World Lottery Association: renewed in early 2019 and valid for three years

    • First international conformance certificate for all gaming portals in 2009, issued by G4 - Global Gambling Guidance Group: latest renewal in March 2019, valid until March 2022