Idee Vincenti

Idee Vincenti is a Lottomatica initiative realized in 2018 in partnership with Polihub, the university incubator of the Politecnico di Milano and some prestigious Italian universities with which we want to contribute to the innovation of cultural heritage focusing on talent, technology and entrepreneurship.

The Italian cultural heritage is enormous, as is the creative capacity of Italians. This set of goods and talents has not yet expressed its full potential both in terms of enhancing existing assets and innovation.

Idee Vincenti is a free Call4Ideas open to all: students, aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups, non-profit organizations and associations or in general who are able to propose innovative entrepreneurial projects that integrate and use technologies such as virtual and / or augmented reality, blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and / or other technologies aimed at favoring the use, protection and enhancement of Italian cultural heritage.

The call Idee Vincenti answered in hundreds: at the end of the projects consistent with the goal of the initiative were 82 boys, coming from all over Italy. Among these, 10 finalists were selected: after three training days at the end of October, which proved to be invaluable for the work of perfecting the business idea with the mentoring of a Polihub mentor, the 10 finalist teams returned to the Scientific Committee, which took into account the technical feasibility and potential of the project but also its social impact and ability to meet the needs of the public and private market of cultural heritage through the use of latest generation technologies. Particular attention was paid to the variety, quality and motivation of the team.

The 5 winning projects were then accelerated: a 6-month program in PoliHub that saw the teams engaged both in the classroom and in working groups with mentors to identify the value of their projects and develop an adequate model of business. Bringing digital technologies into the world of cultural heritage is undoubtedly essential for enhancing Italy's artistic and territorial heritage, but it is not an immediate process. The passion and motivation in the teams are not lacking. Mentoring mentors will soon be able to better define the priorities and actions needed to go to market. For the 5 winning projects the acceleration offered by the mentors of Polihub is therefore an important opportunity to be able to bring their idea to the market through targeted meetings with investors, public institutions, foundations that may be interested in sponsoring projects, encouraging their adoption and ensuring its economic sustainability.

The 5 winning teams of winning ideas:
Project that will mark the new frontier of protection and use of artistic and archaeological assets, both public and private. Through a highly sophisticated system, this Start Up will be able to store artistic and architectural assets through 3D scans.
Technologies used: Artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality

Project focused on enhancing photography as a memory of the cultural and artistic heritage of the country. The Start Up will allow the discovery, enhancement and protection of the work of new talents, archives and unpublished repertoires as well as the development of a system of aesthetic certification of photography and the use of advanced methods of digitization.
Technology used: blockchain

Platform (webapp) that will enable collaborative projects of digital storytelling by locating multimedia contents and data on interactive maps, with the aim of making citizens more protagonists in the story of their territories and promoting the development of community-based tourism offer services.
Technology used: artificial intelligence

Paths of tactile contamination
Project aimed at creating a way to take advantage of the sensorial and immersive knowledge of art also through touch. A social inclusion service aimed at a wide audience, that of the blind and the smallest, implemented through the representation of works and the educational construction of paths that allow the use of "tactile" reproductions of works of art.
Technology used: Internet of Things

See the invisible
Project that intends to reproduce an immersive experience, through realistic 3D reconstructions, the result of long and silent years of research, to revive today such places as the Arciducali Gardens of Monza or the Milanese Hall of the Cariatids, believed now lost forever. The project is also aimed at the partially sighted with a view to strong social inclusion.
Technology used: virtual reality