The new Sacristy in Cappelle Medicee’s Museum

The New Sacristy of San Lorenzo in Florence is one of the most important monuments of  Italian Renaissance. Designed and almost entirely made by one and only artist, Michelangelo Buonarroti, from today the Sacristy returns to shine thanks to a lighting, maintenance and restoration project promoted by the Bargello Museums in partnership with Lottomatica, which is historically committed to enhancing the Italian artistic heritage.

An exemplary masterpiece of how the Florentine artist worked on light sources, the lighting designed by Michelangelo was, in fact, functional to the understanding of the symbolic and narrative path created by the artist himself, in particular for his splendid sculptures: but the light conditions resulted changed. Thanks to new technologies and a clever use of light, a new lighting has been created that evokes, after more than three centuries, the lighting conditions close to those created by Michelangelo for the New Sacristy.

The project was carried out by the art historian and restorer Antonio Forcellino, who is also responsible for the careful cleaning of Madonna with Child and Saints Cosma and Damiano, and by the lighting master, Mario Nanni, with the collaboration of Dr. Monica Bietti, art historian and Cappelle Medicee Museum Director, and by architect Maria Cristina Valenti, Bargello Museums technical Director.

Paola D'Agostino, Bargello Museums Director, explains that "the partnership with Lottomatica allowed Bargello Museums to complete a two-year maintenance project for Medicee’s tombs and the realization of the Sacristy new lighting. I am grateful to Lottomatica for having also contributed to design a new lighting system for Michelangelo secret room, which will allow, in the future, to be able to admire in safety the fascinating designs that are preserved there ».

"We always support projects in community interest", said Fabio Cairoli, Lottomatica CEO. "In each initiative, we try to share and explain values, consistent with our idea of ​​growth, technological innovation, social inclusion and cultural enhancement. A light restoration means developing a detailed work of historical-artistic research, thanks to the most innovative lighting techniques possible nowadays. For this reason, we have wanted to promote the restoration in order to rediscover, with a new light, the wonderful work of Michelangelo".

A light restoration as a new frontier, which shows an evolution in cultural heritage protection: beyond conservation and restoration, there is also a philological perception to the conditions of fruition and therefore to the explanation of our past masterpieces