Corporate Citizenship

As the world’s leading gaming company, we are focused on supporting our industry, our communities, and our world. Our best-in-class solutions respect both people and the environment, while delivering innovation and excellence to keep gaming fun for all.

Engaging Our People

Our people are the foundation of a successful culture and organization. We support and recognize the values of being Passionate, Pioneering, Responsible, Authentic, and Collaborative. We seek to create and sustain an environment where employees are encouraged to live these values every day.


Growing with our Supply Chain

We work with suppliers that ensure high-quality goods and services, and meet high economic, ethical, and socio-environmental standards. IGT’s Code of Conduct guides the moral, legal, and ethical standards we expect when doing business with us. We follow the ISO 9001 certified quality management system, and the ISO 140001 for the environment, when including suppliers on our vendor list. We take into account quality, cost, efficiency, delivery capacity, and the capability to comply with IGT’s quality and ethical business principles. We consider certified management systems, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS18001 and SA 8000, an asset when selecting suppliers. We ensure that the vendor has the ability to meet the requirements of IGT's Corporate Politcy Anti Corruption & Ethics (Ace) regarding anti-bribery enforcement controls, including reputational controls and economic reliability.


Caring for the Environment

We believe environmental awareness must be a central part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program. The Company uses effective and reliable monitoring systems to assess its commitments and reach its goals.