Lottomatica has adopted a governance model as mandated by Legislative Decree 231 of 2001 to ensure compliance with the guidelines set out in the Corporate Governance Guidelines proposed by Confindustria. Lottomatica also adheres to the IGT Global Compliance Plan created as a result of global organizational changes that took place in 2016. The Code of Conduct was updated to make it consistent with the rules adopted at all levels of the new Company. Lottomatica also conducted staff trainings in to ensure timely updating of the changes in the new governance model to ensure there was a clear and shared understanding of the rules by all recipients.

Lottomatica is included in the European Transparency Register, a database containing a binding Code of Conduct. The Register governs the work of representatives within EU institutions regarding all lobbying actions. This ensures transparency of all activities that have the goal of influencing the legislative process, as well as the implementation of such policies within the EU and Community institutions. The Register is compiled and updated periodically on a voluntary basis by interested stakeholders. Lottomatica is committed to publishing cost estimates of such activities in order to ensure full compliance with the Code of Conduct for European Union institutions.

In terms of player protection, an internal Responsible Gaming Team maintains a responsible gaming culture within Lottomatica and allows staff to proactively request support on various responsible gaming issues.
Lottomatica, as part of the multinational IGT group is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and headquartered in London. The Company complies with the UKBA's 2010 UK Anti-Bribery Act and the Law on Corruption Practices Abroad United States (FCPA, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act). In accordance with the Code of Conduct the Company has also adopted a policy which protects against criminal and reputational risks arising from corruption, which goes beyond what is provided by Italian law (in terms of compliance).

In line with Company standards, Lottomatica is proud to pursue the goals of quality, safety, and environmental protection in Italy, which characterizes IGT globally.

Third party certifications obtained or renewed by Lottomatica S. p. A. in 2016 testify to the Company’s commitment:

ISO 9001: products and services Quality System Certification

ISO 27001: Information Security Management System

ISO 14001: Enviromental System Certification

OHAS 18001: Safety System Certification for workers

ISO 50001: Energy Management System