The Company

For over twenty years, Lottomatica has been providing cutting-edge technology, by designing and developing creative content and services with top-quality standards, to manage and effectively expand a constantly evolving gaming market.
In doing so we are guided by the highest standards of service, integrity and responsibility, always focusing on respect and protection of our customers.


Company Structure

Lottomatica Holding S.r.l. is the Italian sub holding wholly owned by International Game Technology PLC (a subsidiary of De Agostini S.p.A.), which owns the equity capital in the italian entities of the group.

Lottomatica Holding S.r.l. Board of Directors

Board of Directors has all powers of ordinary and extraordinary management of the Company and it will remains in office for three financial years, expiring on the date of quotaholders’ meeting called to resolve on the financial statements as at December 31, 2020


People who can innovate with passion are always our added value. Our team.


Code of Conduct, Transparency, Player Protection, Environmental Safety. Our game’s rules.

Where we are

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